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Room for Improvement: Emily Steventon, NHS England-Midlands

Inspiring stories from professionals who make change happen.

Learn About the Art of Turning Routine Audits Into Strategic Assets

Join Level 4 Improvement Practitioner Apprentice Emily Steventon of NHS England-Midlands as she describes her work-based project, which transformed her team’s audit process, boosting compliance and efficiency.

Emily’s insights into quality improvement within the NHS are enlightening and a testament to the power of structured change. As you listen to her experience, take the time to reflect on your own journey in Continuous Improvement and the lessons you can apply to your own field or community.

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Video Highlights

Q: What is NHS England’s role?
A: NHS England leads the National Health Service in England and is responsible for overseeing healthcare services and driving improvement.

Q: How has the Level 4 Improvement Practitioner Apprenticeship influenced your thinking?
A: The apprenticeship has provided a structured approach to quality improvement and a deeper understanding of the base theory behind it.

Q: What are some tangible examples of the impact of quality improvement?
A: Quality improvement efforts have led to reduced waiting times for stroke rehabilitation therapy, along with improved resource utilisation through the adoption of digital technologies.

Q: Who are some influential figures in healthcare improvement?
A: Helen Bevan and Professor Michael West are active in sharing inspirational insights on continuous improvement and compassionate leadership within the NHS.

Q: What advice do you have for others interested in quality improvement?
A: Engage with your team, identify areas for improvement, and commit to a work-based project to apply your knowledge and drive positive change.


Watch the full video for more insights into quality improvement in healthcare.

Empowering Teams, Improving Services

Feedback can be a powerful catalyst for growth. Emily explains how positive reactions from patients not only affirm the quality improvement work of her teams but also ignite their passion for continuous service enhancement.

Apprentice Success Through Project Selection

Early discussions about priority topics for your work-based project will ensure your apprenticeship goals are aligned with those of your team, paving the way for increased engagement, efficiency, and, ultimately, apprenticeship success.

We believe everyone has the potential to be natural problem solvers.

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Inspiring stories from professionals who make change happen.

Our Room for Improvement Video Series aims to inspire people who are developing their Business Improvement capabilities.

Our guests are experienced practitioners who talk about how they got started, what it means to practice business improvement, and who or what has inspired them. Listen out for their hints and tips to help you on your own improvement journey.

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