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Leadership is an evolving role that needs to pay attention to the macro and micro environments. As we evolve and adapt to our ever-changing environment, the commercial and strategic challenges we face as leaders often require new thinking and new ways of working.

Business Excellence is what leaders strive for – the aspiration to be the best, to engage their people in that pursuit, and to unite the organisation with a common purpose.

We’ve interviewed leading Chief Executives, Executive Leaders, Strategy Directors and Heads of Continuous Improvement, from across sectors, to bring you the insights you didn’t know you needed via our leadership podcast.

You’ll hear our guests talk about:

  • How to innovate and delight customers
  • Their thoughts on creating high-performing teams
  • What Business Excellence means to them
  • Stories from throughout their careers that led to their success (and their learning along the way)

As you progress your career and continue your pursuit of Business Excellence, we know how invaluable it is to learn from others, hear how they developed as leaders, and who has had a real influence on them and their leadership styles.

We’ve designed the Leading for Business Excellence podcast to give you insights from top leaders in Finance, Retail, Not-for-Profit, Tech Start-ups and household names alike.

A Leadership Podcast to Support You

Our guests talk about what leadership and business excellence mean to them, revealing their thoughts on creating high performing organisations which grow, innovate, and delight their customers.

They share their stories, not just of their successes but also of the times when things didn’t go as planned or expected. They talk about their development as leaders, and who has had a strong influence on them and their leadership styles.

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Meet the Hosts of PMI's Leading for Business Excellence Podcast

Rich Seddon
Rich Seddon

Partner - CEO

Co-host of PMI’s Leading for Business Excellence podcast, Rich is an astute change leader with a proven track record of delivering radical improvements in productivity, financial performance, quality, and customer satisfaction.

As comfortable in the boardroom as on the factory floor, Rich is an excellent and engaging communicator, experienced in motivating others to excel and achieve results they never thought possible.

Susannah Clarke
Susannah Clarke

Managing Partner

Co-host of PMI’s Leading for Business Excellence podcast, Susannah has worked extensively in the Learning and Development sector. Prior to joining PMI, she was EMEA Partner Director for Oracle Corporation, an active member of the Oracle Women’s Leadership Team and part of the Oracle High Performer programme.

As an Executive Coach she works with clients to achieve tangible results for themselves and their organisations.

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Our Leading for Business Excellence podcast brings you inspiring stories from leaders who share their experiences gained around the globe and across a multitude of sectors. Hear how Business Excellence is a key aspect of being a great leader, and how this has enabled our guests to achieve outstanding results.

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