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Transform your performance​

Our performance improvement consultancy services provide solutions for all kinds of challenges, supporting you at every level, from single resources to whole teams of people, working on everything from process improvement, and problem solving through to entire business transformation. ​

Since 1984, we’ve been helping organisations transform their performance through better processes and more engaged people.  Our consultancy team are expert practitioners, with years of experience leading quality and improvement programmes across all kinds of sectors, throughout the world.  They know how it feels to be where you are, have experienced the challenges of realising world-class process performance, they roll their sleeves up and get stuck in alongside you to achieve unprecedented results.  ​

We provide consultancy resources of all kinds; team members, interim managers, program leads, transformation directors, improvement coaches and mentors.

Pace & Effectiveness
Expertise & Method
Capability & Capacity


How to unlock your full potential with expert performance improvement consultancy

At PMI, we understand the critical role that process improvement plays in driving performance improvement. We know that every organisation is unique and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to process improvement. That’s why we take a tailored approach to our consultancy services, working closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and challenges, developing solutions that deliver real results.​

Our experienced consultants are experts in process improvement; they bring a fresh perspective to every project. They help you get to the root of your process challenges, understand them in a new way and reengineer them to transform your performance. By optimising processes, we help you to reduce costs, improve quality, increase efficiency, and drive growth.

We work with organisations of all sizes and across all industries and we have a proven track record of success. Our clients trust us to help them achieve their goals and take their business to the next level.​

So if you’re serious about improving your organisation’s performance, then you need to get serious about process improvement. Our consultancy services can help you achieve your goals and transform your performance. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take your business to the next level.

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Our consultancy service areas
  • Lean, Six Sigma
  • Business Process Management
  • Operational Excellence
  • Visual Management Systems
  • ​Interim Managers
  • Transformation Directors
  • Supply Chain Transformation
  • System Thinking
  • Process Assessments
  • Rapid Improvement – Kaizen
  • Program Leads
  • Improvement Coaches & Mentors
Here’s how we can help


Working in all functional areas and with all kinds of performance challenges, our improvement consultants enable you to create excellence in your Operations: exemplary customer journeys, quality envied by competitors, productivity and margins to thrill your stakeholders.​

Our consulting methodology is designed to create a significant shift in both thinking and practice. We help you focus on the customer by understanding their needs and expectations and then designing processes and systems that meet those needs. By continuously reducing variation and waste in your operations, you can improve quality, reduce costs, and enhance your overall competitiveness.​

Our consultants work closely with you to ensure that we achieve sustainable results. We build your team’s capability, provide support and guidance to help you maintain your performance gains and continue to improve over time.​

We work collaboratively across all functional areas of your business, engaging employees, stakeholders, and customers to ensure that everyone is aligned and committed to the transformation process.​

Whether you are implementing new technologies, streamlining processes, improving supply chain management, or enhancing customer experiences, the key is to focus on areas that will have the most significant impact on your business and align with your overall objectives, and that’s where PMI can help.

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Understand & Visualise

Establish the current state and priorities

  • Identify pain points
  • Link actions to strategic objectives
  • Develop the roadmap
  • Identify the potential gains

Energise & activate your system of change

  • Improvement at every level
  • Capable processes and skilled people
  • Every contributes to success
  • Focus energy on the right thing

Achieve unprecedented results now & in the future

  • Achieve continuous success
  • Delight and retain your customers
  • Efficient, effective and agile leadership
  • Exploit new business opportunities
  • Investigate & solve problems
  • Merge & integrate operations
  • Respond to changes in regulation
  • Define & reengineer your process
  • Eliminate waste & variation
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Reduce cost & enhance margin
  • Improve the customer journey
  • Improve Metrics & KPI's
  • Improve productivity & throughput
  • Improve quality & reliability
  • Reduce unplanned maintenance


Generate truly effective strategies with our strategy consulting services.  Whether it’s a corporate strategy, functional strategy or transformation strategy, PMI’s skilled consultants can assist you at every stage from conception through to strategy implementation.  

We can help you navigate the strategic landscape in all areas, including how to better serve your markets and customers, build a turnaround plan or simply reinvigorate your current strategy to help your organisation thrive.  

Perhaps you are grappling with your plan for digital transformation or the how best to use artificial intelligence? PMI’s strategy consultancy can guide you through the development of business cases for digital transformation, deployment and test plans all the way to full-scale deployment. 

Whatever the setting or environment, our skilled strategy consultants can help you, develop your winning plan, deploy and engage your talent and deliver a world-class strategy to make your goal a reality.

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Create your winning plan

  • Effective governance and measures
  • Link actions to strategic objectives
  • Drive customer added-value
  • Committed resources

Engage your organisation

  • Leverage talent and experience
  • Increase agility to change
  • Align the organisation
  • Clear accountabilities

Make it happen

  • Grow competitive advantage
  • Everyone contributes to success
  • Strengthen the organisation's capability
  • Deliver success
  • Understand how to better serve markets & customers
  • Reinvigorate your existing strategy
  • Develop and acquisition & integration plan
  • Develop a strategy to grow
  • Communicate & engage the whole business in the strategy
  • Develop a turnaround plan
  • Build strengths & address current areas for improvement
  • Develop a new vision & the means to realise it


PMI’s Leadership Development Programme is a comprehensive and targeted initiative that caters to the growth and development of both seasoned Leaders and emerging talent within your organisation. Our programme is specifically designed to unlock the full potential of these individuals, empowering them to achieve remarkable outcomes while acquiring invaluable approaches that will shape their future careers as influential Leaders.

Extensive research into the behaviours and actions of high-performing Leaders worldwide serves as the foundation for our model, around which our comprehensive Leadership Development Program has been developed.

The best Leaders are 10x better than the worst. Make sure they’re part of your team.

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Develop leaders that others will follow

  • Develop high impact responses
  • Work collaboratively across the leadership team
  • Lead from the front

See the big picture and the detail

  • Identify the critical few strategic priorities
  • Stay targeted on the long-term organisational priorities
  • Manage short-term issues without getting stuck

Take people to new places

  • Engage people by building a consensus and energy
  • Navigate multiple opportunities
  • Transform the organisation and lock in the benefits
  • Learn how the brain works and what motivates us
  • Understand different approaches to leadership
  • Develop a robust and defensible decision-making process
  • Balance the competing priorities in the organisation
  • Transition people and organisations through change
  • Learn what successful leaders do
  • Understand different approaches to leadership
  • Profile a change leader

Featured Case Study

Deploying a strategic performance dashboard

  • A deployed strategy with KPI’s using Hoshin Kanri methodology
  • Development of performance objectives with operational definitions
  • Dynamic PowerBI dashboard and meeting review processes

Over 6 months, the team overcame significant complexities to accomplish:

  • 68% increase in KPI relevance
  • >30 Staff Hours saved per meeting


Dive in to discover how we did it

How we work

PMI’s performance improvement consultancy services are built on results.  We work alongside you to transform your business processes across all functional areas, with every kind of performance improvement challenge.  

If you are struggling to deliver the results you need, we can help. Business processes are an asset like any other; they require maintenance, measurement and accountability in order to effectively and efficiently deliver for your customers.

If working in silos is holding you back, we can help.  Our performance Improvement consultancy enables your teams to understand the processes they work in and where they fit in the overall business system.

Are bottlenecks and pinch points impacting your service or product delivery?  We can help.  Our rapid diagnostic and problem solving consultancy services identify the true source of the problems and will reengineer them to transform your capabilities.

Whatever the process improvement issue, whatever the setting, our expert performance improvement consulting team get under the skin of your challenge.  We work with you to optimise your system of processes to deliver the results you need and beat the competition.

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When you make the decision to develop your people, to transform your workplace into a continuous improvement success story, you drive your organisation to be more effective, more streamlined and ultimately, more profitable.

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