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Continuous Improvement Project List

Here are some example project titles that you could consider or that might give inspiration for your improvement project.

Where we’ve used the term “units” this can be replaced with any output, for example, in the Resource Productivity area, “units processed/completed” could be: number of people passing an assessment, number of complaints satisfactorily closed, number of vaccinations administered, number of applications processed, number of campaigns or events launched, number of changes implemented, number of CSR initiatives implemented, number of grants issued, number of apprenticeship placements or jobs created, number of parts/assemblies made, amount of carbon used.

Where we’ve referred to “customer” this can be both external (paying and non-paying) and internal.


Project Area Key Metric
Accounts Invoice processing time – days
Accounts Invoice errors – count and value
Accounts Credit notes – count and value
Accounts Debtors overdue – value and days
Finance/Control Cash flow – monthly overdraft limit/cost
Finance/Control Stock – value and space
Finance/Control Stock accuracy – count and value of adjustments
Finance/Control Approval process adherence – count and value
Finance/Control Project costs – actual versus forecast
Finance/Control Reporting – time taken to produce/correct reports
Finance/Control VAT/Duty recovery – value
HR/L&D Retention/Attrition – %
HR/L&D Attendance management – data integrity/process adherence
HR/L&D Employee availability to work – hours/days
HR/L&D Skill Set availability – %
HR/L&D Recruitment lead time – days
HR/L&D Training attendance – count of non-attendance days
HR/L&D Training evaluation – score
HR/L&D Training process consistency/efficiency improvement
HR/L&D Event completion – count
HR/L&D Workforce engagement – %
Logistics/Transport/Storage Delivery to schedule – count of orders/lines
Logistics/Transport/Storage Delivery waiting times – hours
Logistics/Transport/Storage Travel/delivery – cost
Logistics/Transport/Storage Picking errors – count of orders/lines
Logistics/Transport/Storage Storage availability – count of units not stored first time in correct location
Logistics/Transport/Storage Third-party storage space/equipment – costs
Logistics/Transport/Storage Looking for units or time required to find a suitable alternative – time
Logistics/Transport/Storage Lost units – count and value
Logistics/Transport/Storage Damaged/dirty units – count
Logistics/Transport/Storage Mismatch between unit and label details – count
Procurement Purchase Order approval time – days
Procurement Demand signal errors – count of orders/lines
Procurement Invoice payment processing time
Procurement Invoice ‘right first time’/issue resolution process improvement
Procurement Materials, services, and utilities spend – value
Procurement Number of suppliers – count
Procurement Warranty recovery from suppliers – value
Sales/Commissions/Users Service users and associated demographics – count
Sales/Commissions/Users Service user withdrawals/cancelations/referrals – count
Sales/Commissions/Users Service user cancelations/attendance/on-time-arrival – count/%
Sales/Commissions/Users Enquiry to Order processing time – days
Sales/Commissions/Users Bids/Quotes converted to contracts/orders – value
Sales/Commissions/Users Work completed prior to authorisation – value
Sales/Commissions/Users Bid preparation – time to prepare
Customer Service Complaints/Compliments – count
Customer Service Enquiry/Query/Concern response/resolution time – hours/days
Customer Service Customer reviews conducted – actual versus plan
Customer Service Referral time/length of stay – hours/days/weeks/months
Customer Service Survey response rate – % completion
Customer Service User/caller wait time – minutes
Customer Service Case file closure time – hours/days/weeks/months
Customer Service Time to complete process – hours/days/weeks/months
Resource Availability Downtime/not-available-time – minutes/hours/FTE/value
Resource Availability Delays due to availability – minutes/hours
Resource Availability Hand-over/Change-over time – minutes/hours
Resource Availability Demand v capacity
Resource Productivity Process Flow Optimisation – % Value-Adding time and cost of waste
Resource Productivity Units processed/completed/created – count/%
Resource Productivity Utilisation of space – %
Resource Productivity Non-standard processing – count and value
Resource Productivity Budget versus actual – cost, time, other
Product/Service Quality Safety-related incidents and near misses – count and closure time
Product/Service Quality Test scheduling/resource balancing process improvement
Product/Service Quality Third Party assessment (customers, auditors, regulators) – grade
Product/Service Quality Errors/non-conformances – count, value and closure-time
Product/Service Quality Improvement Ideas/opportunities – count and value
Product/Service Quality Rework – count and value
Product/Service Quality Equipment installation – count and value of errors, time in hours/days
Product/Service Quality Supplier Quality Performance – %/grade
Product/Service Quality Internal Audit completion/compliance – %
Product/Service Quality Social mobility/attainment/progression – %
Product/Service Quality Interventions – count/time/impact
Product/Service Quality Planned/budget versus actual time – minutes/hours/days
Product/Service Quality Improvement Plan implementation – % completed
Product/Service Design & Development Specification/requirements/Bill of Materials accuracy – count of errors
Product/Service Design & Development Design release approval time reduction
Product/Service Design & Development Change requests – count
Product/Service Design & Development Transport routes – costs and options
Product/Service Design & Development Channel shift from phone to online – costs and options
Product/Service Design & Development Benchmarking with other organisations – count of studies completed
Product/Service Design & Development New service/product development/implementation/approval – time
Product/Service Design & Development New service/product development/implementation/approval – cost
Product/Service Design & Development New service/product design for inspection – costs and options
Product/Service Design & Development New service/product design for manufacture – costs and options
IT Software/service license management lifecycle process improvement
IT Employee data integrity/data management process improvement
IT Ticket closure – time

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