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Practical Guides
Real-time Process Insights
Real-time Process Insights
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Save Time & Resources
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Simple, powerful, compliant

EasySPC is a Microsoft certified Power BI custom visual that enables you to create Statistical Process Control (SPC) Charts, designed in line with IHI guidelines to help you create and interact with SPC charts, using your own data.

EasySPC is a comprehensive software designed to simplify and streamline the process of creating Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts. With a focus on both end users and report creators, EasySPC offers a range of features and functionalities that make it the ideal tool for incorporating SPC charts into board reports and operational reports.

One of the key advantages of EasySPC is its support for various chart types. It provides users with the flexibility to choose the most suitable chart type for their specific data and analysis requirements. Whether it’s a Run, C, U, U’, P, P’, T, G, XmR, or XbarS charts, EasySPC has the tools to create and customise these visuals with ease.

All the features you need:

  • Automated collection of data from a variety of sources
  • Real-time presentation of process performance in Control Charts
  • Focusing on interpreting data rather than managing data

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Practical Toolbox App for Process Improvement & Daily Process Management

This app is for everyone looking to improve and manage their work. The app provides guidance on when and how to use each tool. We recommend that you refer to the app before, during and after applying any of the tools. The Process Manager Pro is designed to meet your team in the flow of work, available from any device, from where your team are.

The practical built-in toolbox contains training videos, podcasts, and reading with a facility to add and save notes for personal insights. Our Process Manager Pro App is modelled on our indispensable handbook, used by 1000s of practitioners since 1994, to successfully apply these tools to improve their processes.

Leveraging the latest in AI technology, our Process Manager Pro has been developed with an onboard AI Chat Assistant. Our AI Assistant is equipped with the knowledge of the Process Manager and is primed to answer questions 24/7.

Features to support building a culture of Continuous Improvement:

  • Build your Knowledge – from the main menu, you can navigate to all the critical theories, from SoPK to Strategies for managing processes. You’ll find summaries of each tool, on-demand training videos and practical advice for application throughout the toolbox.
  • Learn about the Tools – use the Improvement Cycle on the main menu to see which tools you may consider using at this point in your improvement journey
  • Notes & Reflections – Keep notes as you revise and use the tools and knowledge in your organisation
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Real-time process insights that help you make smarter decisions, faster.

Performance Genius by PMI lets you capture in-process data easily, in real-time giving you complete visibility of whatever processes you want to track – from stock control and production to staff sickness and even the cleanliness of your bathrooms.

Your business is under ever-increasing pressure to perform safely, efficiently and effectively. Performance Genius lets you capture in-process data easily, in real-time, giving you complete visibility of whatever processes, you want to track – from stock control and production to staff sickness and even the cleanliness of your bathrooms. It can be rolled out across your business in as little as a day, delivering the real-time insight, alerts, analysis and reporting you need to improve your operations continuously.

The 3 elements of Performance Genius:

  • Confirm & collect using the app
  • Automatically trigger workflow & alerts
  • Analyse & understand performance in an automated dashboard
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Improve Production Control

Stay on top of the progress and KPIs in your operations. Performance Genius keeps you up to date, so you can make key decisions when needed.

  • Get real-time production and WIP data
  • Adapt to changes in demand
  • Be alert to change in productivity
  • Ensure materials and resources are there when you need them
  • Perform excellent shift handovers and huddles with the right data
  • Capture images of the condition of your facilities to ensure everything’s how it should be

Improve Store Performance

As the old saying goes “retail is detail”. Performance Genius enables you to standardise your processes and disciplines to ensure your stores operate in the best way possible.

  • Instil a culture of retail excellence
  • Improve planogram and promotional standards
  • Capture images to confirm status
  • Streamline your routine checks and compliance processes
  • Get your staff back on the shop floor by eliminating paperwork

Improve Staff Wellbeing

The completely customisable structure of Performance Genius makes the possibilities endless in professional services, letting you capture the data you need to improve your business.

  • Standardise and enhance your Huddle processes
  • Streamline manual data capture
  • Confirm staff health and wellbeing status
  • Capture images for sharing excellence
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A different kind of performance

We’re different; we’re a Principles based consultancy and training firm. Since 1984 we’ve been helping organisations transform their performance through better processes and more engaged people.

We help you solve significant challenges by understanding not just the processes in your business, but the interrelationships between them.

This goes beyond just strategic alignment, we leverage all your talent, resources and current improvement initiatives.

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