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Our consulting team are expert practitioners, we roll our sleeves up and get stuck in alongside our customers to achieve unprecented results.
 Don’t expect faceless “big consulting” or legions of newly qualified graduates, with PMI it’s personal, we get under the skin of your challenge.

our Expert Practice Areas

Whether it’s a radical growth plan, change of direction or a reinvigoration of an establish approach, take your strategy to the next level.

Create excellence in your Operations, exemplary customer journeys, quality envied by competitors, productivity & margin to thrill stakeholders.

By providing stimulus method and direction, we can help you create the optimal structures and teams to meet your challenges head-on.

How we can help

Diagnose & Assess

An independent review of your current state and performance challenges and a road-map to address them

Create Strategies

Gather your team around a focused approach to design, deploy and deliver your new or refreshed strategy

Investigate & solve problems

A fresh perspective and rigorous methods to tackle those recurring problems​

Reduce cost and enhance margin​

Take cost out of processes whilst increasing their effectiveness​

Improve productivity & throughput

Do more with what you’ve got - remove non-value added activity and delays

Define and re-engineer your processes​​

Radically improve the performance of your processes, take them to new levels of efficiency and effectiveness whilst removing bottlenecks and improving flow. ​

Design and restructure your organisation

Establish which people and processes should sit where for optimum performance ​

Successfully execute Mergers & Acquisitions

Integrate processes successfully to ensure successful integrations​

Analyse functional & geographic footprint

Optimise physical locations of people and processes within and across sites

Improve the customer journey

Define the customer journey as a process in order to transform how you serve your them ​

Improve quality and reliability

Detect and eliminate poor quality output from your processes and prevent recurrence​

Eliminate waste and variation

Understand how any why things vary, cut waste and maintain peak performance

performance excellence deployment

PMI helps you solve these significant challenges by understanding not just the functions in your business but the interrelationships between them.

This is not just strategic alignment but managed interconnectivity that leverages all your talent, resources and current improvement initiatives.

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