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Value Stream Mapping Workshop

LIVE Virtual Classroom
LIVE Virtual Classroom

Course Overview

Through a combination of training and real practical application, you will learn the methodology of Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and apply it to your own work processes so that you can develop improvements through this workshop.

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) workshops are very effective in helping organisations and cross-functional teams understand the flow of their work and make initial improvements quickly. They provide a baseline for further improvement whilst stimulating a lean culture in all levels of the company.


Work On Your Own Processes During the Workshop

Working on your own processes, the course teaches you the Thinking, Approach, and Tools required to implement Lean improvements through VSM.

In the training sections, you are given the opportunity to practice the techniques using a live improvement simulation. In the workshop sections, delegates act as team members and construct a real VSM of their own work process.


What is Value Stream Mapping?

A Value Stream Map is a ‘data rich’ process map that shows process steps, data about the performance of each process step and information flows within the process. They are drawn to represent the current state of the process and then again to represent the future state of the process after it is redesigned to remove waste.

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  • Value Stream Mapping (VSM) Training Session
  • Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and the 5 Lean principles
  • The context for Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
  • Value Stream Mapping (VSM) Structure and Symbols
  • Build a map simulations
  • Workshop – Create a Value Stream Map
  • Define the Value
  • Map the high-level process
  • Gather process data
  • Map the information flow
  • Workshop – Initial Improvements
  • Identify quick wins for immediate improvement (Kaizen)
  • Identify potential solutions
  • Personal planning – next steps in the workplace
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