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Project Sponsor & Champion Workshop

LIVE Virtual Classroom
LIVE Virtual Classroom

Course Overview

Maximising your chances of project success

Sponsoring an improvement project can be critical to its success. The role of a capable and effective project sponsor or champion is to maximise the chances of success by acting on the organisation’s behalf to ensure that projects are meaningful, manageable, and measurable.


What’s included?

  • 3 days of consultant-led training
  • Electronic access to all training materials


What is the purpose of the workshop?

  • Prioritise improvement efforts
  • Manage their programmes
  • Control their resources
  • Monitor and report progress
  • Build confidence and knowledge to make improvement efforts a success.


“PMI has provided structure and brought a rigour and discipline to driving performance through a metrics driven service culture”

Director of Shared Services, Business Services Sector

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  • Introduction to change management
  • Principles to lead change: Systems and process thinking, PDSA, Psychology
  • Factors Influencing Change – A process model for change management
  • Understanding the Change Environment
  • Stakeholder management
  • 5 ways to increase readiness for change
  • Leadership behaviours: Building effective working relationships
  • Governance structures for change programmes Initiating change programmes
  • Progressing change programmes
  • Closing out programmes
  • Leading Teams and team start up
  • Change Management Toolkit: Charter, Benefits Analysis, Gantt Charts, RACI, Communications Matrices, Risk & Contingency plans.
  • Holding effective reviews of change programmes
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The Role of the Project Sponsor

It’s one of the key ingredients to a successful performance improvement project but one that’s so often overlooked.

Selecting the right sponsor can be the make or break for your project but it’s something that many project teams don’t even think about.

In this video, Managing Partner, Susannah Clarke, explains why the role of the sponsor is so critical to your project’s success and what you should think about when choosing your project sponsor.

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