Process Management for Managers

LIVE Virtual Classroom
LIVE Virtual Classroom

Course Overview

Drive everyday process performance with our Process Management for Managers training programme. Delivered as a live virtual classroom event, face-to-face on-site, or a combination of the two, we work flexibly with the needs of your team. This course is designed to enable you to create a team of skilled Process Managers for your organisation, who are capable of managing and improving their everyday process performance.

Recognising Process Managers as being the backbone of performance excellence, this course will equip them for the challenges they face. Focusing on practical tools and techniques for Process Management, defining and measuring a process, maintaining performance, and managing continual improvement, this course will empower your team of Process Managers to lead business-critical process improvement.

Building around the basis of everyday improvement, the SMI (Standardise, Maintain and Improve) Cycle, your Process Managers will contribute to a culture of Continuous Improvement as they focus on both effective and sustainable improvements to their processes.


How is the Process Management for Managers course structured?

The Process Management for Managers training consists of 6 days of consultant-led training and coaching sessions. Depending on the best fit for your organisation, we’ll deliver the consultant-led training as either; 2 modules of 3 days, or 3 modules of 2 days.

There will be some practical process work required throughout the course, and some self-paced e-Learning to support.


What topics will the Process Manager training cover?

Our Process Management for Managers training will include the following topic areas:

  • Systems & Process Thinking
  • PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act) & Standardisation
  • Roles & Behaviours
  • Selecting Measures
  • Managing the Workspace (5S)
  • Process Risk
  • Assessment & Mistake Proofing
  • Managing Documented Standards
  • Managing Competency
  • Understanding Process Performance (Capability)
  • Process Confirmation


  • LIVE Virtual Classroom
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  • Build an understanding of the thinking, method, and tools of Process Management and improvement
  • Recognise the roles, accountabilities, and activities in deploying Process Management
  • Commence process standardisation through defining how their processes should be operated
  • Oversee the activities necessary for the ongoing management and improvement of their processes
  • Maintain the gains made by improvement initiatives
  • Have a detailed understanding of how to measure, display and communicate the performance of their processes


Exclusively available as an in-house

Your Process Managers have a responsibility to ensure their processes are standardised, maintained and improved. Our in-house Process Management for Managers training, delivered on-site, virtually (or both!), equips them to do that effectively.

Our #1 priority is your success, so you’ll be given on-demand, online videos and coaching sessions. There will be process work for each Process Manager throughout the course, giving them the opportunity for practical application alongside their coaching.


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Where do Process Managers fit in the System of Process Management?

Roles in the Process orientated organisation:

  • The System Leader defines, strategically positions, and optimises processes to meet the entire organisation’s needs
  • The Process Owner facilitates the universal standard and co-ordinates adoption within the local organisations
  • The Process Managers have a responsibility to ensure their processes are operated to the standard, maintained, and improved
  • The Process Operator is responsible for the daily operation of the standard process, and contributes to its maintenance and improvement
  • The Expert is an internal resource to support step change improvement projects for process managers, for example: Lean Experts, Green, Black or Master Black Belts


Enquire About a Process Orientated Approach

With Process Management for Managers Training, your team will:

  • Learn about the foundations of Process Management such as behaviours for successful Continuous Improvement and standardisation principles
  • Be able to effectively define a process, using flowcharts, team and facilitation skills, and the Voice of the Customer
  • Manage competency, risk assessment, mistake proofing, and the workspace for effective standardisation
  • Measure process performance by managing with data, displaying and analysing data, including control charts
  • Maintain performance through visual management systems, soft skills to manage change, understanding of process performance
  • Manage continual improvement by identifying waste in a process, structured problem-solving methods, and management process architecture for effective Continuous Improvement

"A fantastic learning experience. Consultant was knowledgeable, supportive, and responsive to feedback. Thanks to everyone at PMI who made it happen"


Your ongoing learning journey is supported by our ever-growing suite of thought-leadership content, and our comprehensive collection of eBooks, templates, and tools, all hosted on our Learning Management Portal.

You can benefit from ongoing support and interaction with our in-house experts through our PMI LIVE webinars, insight from professional practitioners with our Room for Improvement video series and the opportunity to learn from inspiring leaders with our Leading for Business Excellence podcast.

Our content is designed to help you drive success. We support each level from Lean Six Sigma training including Awareness, White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt.

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