Process Management for Managers

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Achieve great results for you, your team and your customers!

This is a 2 x 3-day course that captures the best continuous improvement methodologies to transform how you manage and continuously improve your work through your people and their approach to their processes.

To be a successful manager you need to manage business processes; manage continuous improvement of the work that is performed; deliver products and services that meet your customer needs, and contribute towards the ongoing development of a customer focused organisation – this course shows you how to do you do all this.

Course content

  • Learning about the foundations of process management such behaviours for successful continuous improvement and standardisation principles
  • Defining a Process – looking at flowcharts, team and facilitation skills, understanding the voice of the customer
  • Measure & Standardisation – managing competency, risk assessment and mistake proofing, managing the workspace
  • Measuring Process – managing by data, displaying and analysing data (including control charts)
  • Maintaining Performance – visual management systems, soft skills to manage change, understanding process performance
  • Managing Continual Improvement – identifying waste in a process, structured problem solving, management processes for effective continuous improvement

What's Included?

In-House Training

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  • 6 Days of training in 2 modules
  • Access to supporting course materials
  • Customise the course just for you!

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