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In this Measurement Systems Master Class, you’ll explore the process of how to get the best out of subjective data and avoid the pitfalls of survey design, data gathering, analysis and interpretation of results.

Drawing the wrong conclusion is never as easy as when dealing with peoples’ opinions. We can base a significant amount of weight on the output from employee engagement and customer satisfaction surveys.

When done well these types of survey can provide significant insights into our organisation and our operations but if done badly we can end up taking the wrong course of action.

Measurement Systems master class is suitable for anyone involved in running surveys or making decisions based on subjective data.

Course content

"At least once a day I am asked if I could complete a short questionnaire about my customer experience. This may be as an automated telephone message, a pop up box on my computer or a paper survey through my door. This type of survey always concerns me that the process has been short cut and therefore will not reflect the true feelings of those answering the surveys."
Marie-Clare Pedersen
Senior Consultant, PMI

In-House Training

£ 2000 for up to 15 delegates*
  • 1 Day of virtual classroom training
  • Access to supporting course materials
  • Customise the course just for you!

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