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PMI’s Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Online is the bedrock thousands of improvement programmes and projects the world over.  With over 250,000 trainees in all kind of roles and industries, our Online Lean Six Sigma Certified Yellow Belt is the proven place to start with process improvement.  Simple to deploy and easy to study, the Online Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt is structured to enable you to use at “point of need” and as a standalone training programme.

What's included?

Course content

Throughout the course, learners gain familiarity with the tools, terminology and methods of Lean Six Sigma without the need for formal classroom training. With the Yellow Belt course, you will learn how to define an improvement project, test and implement potential improvement solutions and sustain the improvements you make.

Users will gain an appreciation of the following tools:

  • Learn how a process is performing: Flowcharts, 5S, Lean Wastes, Measures, Histograms, Control Charts, Capability Value Stream Mapping
  • Define a project: Chartering, Forming Teams and SIPOC
  • Investigate root causes: Cause/Effect, Pareto, Scatter Diagrams, 5 Whys
  • Remove waste from a process: 5R’s, Flow and Pull, Work Balancing
  • Test and study potential solutions: Idea Generation, PDSA, Control Charts
  • Implement improvements: Stakeholder Analysis, Skills matrices, Gantt Charts
  • Lock in improvements: Visual Management, Mistake-proofing, Standardisation

Personal Options

Annual Licence
£ 299 per year per name user*
  • 33 modules of interactive content
  • 12 months unlimited access
  • Study at your own pace
  • Certificate upon successful completion

Corporate Options

Annual Licence
£ 1000 per group of 10 named users
  • Fully Hosted & Supported
  • Available to host on your own LMS
  • Customise the course just for you!
  • Any number of users deploy as needed

to keep

Book a PMI Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Black Belt or Master Black Belt public training course and we’ll send you an Apple iPad to use in the live virtual classroom which is then yours to keep!

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