Lean Six Sigma Introductory and Awareness Sessions​


Run Lean Six Sigma Introductory and Awareness sessions for your staff and lay the foundations for sustainable success.

The most successful organisations have a robust understanding of the basic concepts and first principles behind Lean and Six Sigma and process improvement.

Put your staff on the road to continuous improvement.
Demonstrating a level of knowledge and understanding of the essential methods and tools your people need to improve their performance in the workplace is good for you, your team and your organisation.

The tools and methods covered in these sessions will help your team understand process management and process ownership and will provide the foundation thinking, approaches and methodologies to start to instil a culture of improvement.

Course content

In-House Training

£ 2000 for up to 15 delegates*
  • 1 Day of virtual classroom training
  • Access to supporting course materials
  • Customise the course just for you!

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