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Leading Teams

LIVE Virtual Classroom
LIVE Virtual Classroom

Course Overview

Leading Teams is an intensive and highly active programme that provides leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to ensure that the teams they work with function effectively, efficiently and can deliver real and sustainable improvement.

Whilst leaders of improvement teams may have had thorough training in the hard tools and techniques of process improvement, many have had little or no training in the soft skills of leading and facilitating teams.

The importance of effective leadership and facilitation is critical to the success of an improvement programme.


What’s included?

  • 1 day of consultant-led training
  • Electronic access to all training materials


What is the focus of the training?

  • Business prioritisation
  • Process Leadership
  • Systems and Process Thinking
  • Process Definition
  • Understanding Variation
  • Management Planning


Leading Teams- image -
  • To be able to support charters
  • Embody their learning in their actions
  • Know how to respond to the System
  • Be able to define work processes
  • To interpret and respond to variation appropriately
  • Be able to apply 7MP tools in their project
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