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Leadership Development Programme

Leadership Assessments
Leadership Assessments
Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching
Customised to Your Needs
Customised to Your Needs

Develop Leaders that Deliver Success

PMI’s Leadership Development Programme supports both experienced Leaders and upcoming talent within your team to maximise their potential to deliver successful outcomes and learn approaches that will guide them through the rest of their careers as a positive influence on those they lead.

Our programme is designed to accelerate their path to future success. They will learn the lessons from over one hundred high-performing leaders, facilitated by experienced senior professionals.


Develop Leaders that others will follow

In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, relying on what made you a Leader in the past is no guarantee of future success for you or your organisation.

We work with Leaders and Leadership Teams to build a future where Leadership is a profession characterised by actions that add value. We do this by coaching Leaders to understand the theory and translate it into actions that will transform the workplace, building an agile and resilient environment whilst simultaneously delivering a return on investment.


Make your high potentials high performers

Leadership within an organisation is defined by actions, not job descriptions. As staff transform into Leaders, behavioural skills become increasingly important. The challenge many Leaders face is the ability to deliver success on an ongoing basis, especially when the situations they face are beyond their experience or technical skill set.

If you want your people to move beyond management (making the best of what you have) and into true Leadership (moving the organisation to where it needs to be in the future) then PMI’s Leadership Development Programme is perfect for your organisation.

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  • Understand the challenges they face​
  • Develop high-impact responses​
  • Work collaboratively across the Leadership Team​
  • Lead from the front​
  • Be core to the organisation’s competitive advantage
  • Gain insight into personal Leadership styles and preferences
  • Learn an intuitive and easy to apply Leadership model
  • Build an understanding of the different situations that will be faced
  • Apply new approaches in any situation to improve influence
  • Make progress and build engagement with staff
  • Apply learning straight away
  • Deliver success to the organisation in terms of impact and speed
  • Learn how to continue to self-improve Leadership capabilities
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The Facets of Developing Outstanding Leadership


Leaders need to empower staff to take responsibility for and deliver the improvements.



Create the space to pursue a longer-term strategy and bring about real change in the organisation.



Leadership and management are not the same, but both are required to be a good Leader, as well as knowing when to move between the two roles.


Sponsorship isn’t about doing things; it is about making sure things get done.




Using dialogue, it’s possible to ensure messages have been understood, and that people are engaged and making progress along the intended path.



Capability is the application of skills, knowledge, and experience toward purposeful activity.




Team working is about bringing the right people together so they can collectively achieve more than they could on their own.



Positioning involves communicating to others what makes the value proposition unique enough to secure their support through a change programme and beyond.


Change is very much about the people involved; the balance for the Leader is moving as fast as possible without leaving people behind, without becoming hostages to those who cannot or will not move.


The Leader must work with staff to create an environment where improvement is seen as everyone’s job and part of the daily routine.




A lot of focus is given to the role of a Leader in initiating change; equally important is the ability of the Leader to lock in the gains when they are delivered.



Leaders must create an environment where new thinking is seen as a prerequisite for success and learning as a prerequisite for improvement.




Leadership, management, and delivery highlight the three cycles that need to be aligned. It is the interaction of the three that ensures sustainable performance.


The Leadership Programme Journey

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Leaders that develop an Improvement Culture

Through world-leading research into the actions of numerous high performing global Leaders, we have created a model to guide the Leadership Development Programme.

At the start of the programme, each delegate takes the Leadership assessment. The results prioritise which areas should be focused upon for each individual.

Linked with an organisational needs profile, we can tailor the programme to both the organisation and individual.

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