Implementing Visual Performance Huddles for Teams


PMI’s Visual Performance Huddle Workshops are an effective and efficient way for teams, departments, and senior management to meet together to ‘see what’s going on’ with their processes. Suitable for anyone who is seeking a visual and structured way to run team huddles, including senior leadership teams, managers and process operators.

Course content

Building your own Huddle

During our one day workshop, you will learn the process for creating and establishing your own team huddles and, through practical application, create your own for immediate implementation.

A Visual Way of Working

Huddles represent a visual way of working which leads to greater transparency of the work taking place. The huddles make it possible to ‘see’ the status of processes and teams become empowered to make informed decisions based on current data and status.


All our training can be delivered at a time and place to suit you. In addition, we can customise the programmes to suit your specific needs or create something bespoke especially for your organisation.​

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