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Our e-Learning content is available either over the web using our online learning management system or it can be installed on your own systems if you have a learning management system in place. We can provide pretty much everything – from user support to the messages you want communicating – to help you get the most out of your investment. You can purchase to suit your own requirements from one copy “off the shelf” to deploy immediately to multiple user corporate licences and even customised versions for your business improvement programme.

What's included?

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Personal Options

Annual Licence
£ 250 per year per name user*
  • 9 modules of interactive content
  • 12 months unlimited access
  • Study at your own pace
  • Certificate upon successful completion

Corporate Options

Annual Licence
£ 1000 per group of 10 named users
  • Fully Hosted & Supported
  • Available to host on your own LMS
  • Customise the course just for you!
  • Any number of users deploy as needed

Course content

Flow charts Basic and Advanced
By learning to understand processes quickly and easily, organisations are able to achieve long term success and understand how the work works. Both flowchart modules will help users learn about the purpose and use of flowcharts, including how to construct linear flowcharts. Users will practice what they learn by creating a linear flowchart from a case study and gain instant feedback on their technique.

SIPOC’s provide an overall summary of a process in addition to an initial view of the process performances. In this module, the user will learn how to construct the single page layout of the SIPOC diagram ensuring that the purpose is clear. Users are given guidance on the sections of the SIPOC and which are needed to be completed at the outset, along with the data that needs to be collected.

DPMO & Process Sigma
DPMO and Process Sigma can be used as an effective measure of performance; together the 2 measures can help not only to prioritise improvement projects but also to change mindsets of these involved in the project. In this module, users learn the meaning and method of calculation “DPMO” and “Process Sigma” and how to interpret its significance to a process and wider organisational strategy.

Standardising a Process
Ensuring an existing process is carried out consistently is critical to organisational performance and success. This module will teach users how to do that through understanding the concept of standardisation. Users will learn what standardisation is and why it is needed, the four rules of standardisation, and the four-step method for standardising an existing process.

Mistake Proofing
In addition to standardising a process, it is also important to organisational performance that the standardised processes are mistake-proofed. This module will guide the user through the 4 types of mistake proofing including how and where the technique can be applied. Users will test their knowledge in a series of interactive exercises as well understanding the theory of mistake proofing as an effective tool in process improvement.

Control Chart Basics
Understanding variation and knowing how to respond appropriately can be critical to process performance. This module teaches users the purpose and use of control charts as well as the associated rules, learning phases and how to look at, interpret and calculate control limits. Users will learn about assignable causes and how to recognise these on a control chart.

Each module looks in-depth at a business improvement tool and lasts 25-30 minutes. The tools can be purchased as a complete collection. We can provide single-user licences or multi-person organisation licences.

Online Courses
Essential Tools for Improvement
Wave Ref: Essential Tools for Improvement

Essential Tools for Improvement

(Price shown includes VAT at 20% - £250 + VAT £50 = £300)

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Lean Essentials e-Learning Series
Wave Ref: Lean Essentials e-Learning Series

Lean Essentials e-Learning Series

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Lean Six Sigma Online Yellow Belt
Wave Ref: Lean Six Sigma Online Yellow Belt

PMI Lean Six Sigma Online Yellow Belt Version III

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A Japanese Control Chart HD (ENG) (OP)
Wave Ref: A Japanese Control Chart HD (ENG) (OP)

A Japanese Control Chart HD (ENG) (OP)

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Category:A Japanese Control Chart HD (ENG) (OP)




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