Transform your Operations

Create excellence in your Operations with productivity & margin to thrill stakeholders.

  • Retain, loyal customers who can depend on you
  • Achieve growth, cost reduction, profitability
  • An efficient, effective & agile business
  • Process improvement comes from everyone, at every level.
  • Ensure you can exploit new opportunities
  • Drive a business with the knowledge necessary to focus your efforts on the right things
  • Clearly link actions & objectives
  • Everyone understands how they contribute to success
  • Everyone’s work is aligned with the goals and targets you set
  • Employees who know exactly what is expected of them
  • Ensure a sustainable & prosperous business
  • Collaboration not competition


Investigate & solve problems

Understand how to better serve markets and customers.

Reduce cost and enhance margin


Improve productivity & throughput

Define and Re-engineer your processes

Eliminate waste and variation

Improve the customer journey

Improve quality and reliability

Respond to change – environment, regulation, competition

service areas

Business Process Assessment

Business Process Management

Daily Process Management

Performance Excellence

Rapid Improvement Workouts - Kaizen

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Visual Management Systems

Operational Performance Assessments

Lean Six Sigma & OPEX


Operational Excellence

Supply Chain Transformation

Performance genius is here

Performance Genius by PMI lets you capture in-process data easily, in real-time giving you complete visibility of whatever processes you want to track - from stock control and production to staff sickness and even the cleanliness of your bathrooms.