Providing structure to radically improve your performance.

what is performance excellence deployment?

  • A method for transforming performance through process management
  • Identifies those processes critical to achieving strategic aims and prioritises improvement activity in those areas
  • A series of workshops, training, and practical improvement activities
  • Based on Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, it focuses on managing processes as assets and driving customer value

Understand the current system & priorities

Identify those processes that are critical to delivering the aims.

Establish roles within the business system

Understand the part everyone has to play for the system to be successful.

Develop capability to deliver their role

Training for managers and front line staff to drive improvement activity.

Establish management systems for critical processes

Develop the right set of measures and behaviours to monitor process health.

why take this approach?

  • Accelerates process performance
  • Creates accountability for process management and clarity over everyone's roles in the system
  • Helps to create a change in thinking to focus on the customer and what they value
  • Supports a culture of continuously driving out waste
  • Improves staff engagement by providing capability and empowerment to tackle problems themselves

What will be different after the deployment

Priority processes standardised and improved

Appropriate process measures in place to monitor performance

Capability created with managers & operators to identify and resolve problems


Teams meet regularly to discuss performance and resolve issues

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