Realise your nmcl goals with pmi as your SC21 nmcl partner

We are approved to deliver all 122 of the National Manufacturing Competitiveness Level (NMCL) Improvement Modules.

Our integrated approach ensures that the changes and improvements are realised throughout your organisation’s system by connecting the learning across the themes. 

Need to define and deploy your strategy? Our experts will support you with this.

Need to diversify your products and services as a result of market changes?  We can help.

Need to reduce your cost base? We know where to start.

PMI have unrivalled experience for successful delivery of the NMCL improvements. Here are some of our most recent programmes:

Hear from one of our customers, AE Aerospace, about the benefits they’ve seen after appointing PMI to work with them on their SC21 NMCL programme.

pMI will work with you to maximise the opportunity for you to realise the benefits from the SC21 NMCL funding by delivering a system wide, structured and coordinated programme.

Our people are Subject Matter Experts in Leadership, Strategy, Quality Management Systems and Process Improvement. We have decades of experience of system wide improvement in Aerospace, Automotive, Manufacturing and Engineering.

how do you cope with the charter inter-relationships?

PMI’s Programme Management can keep you on track.  We will:

    • Establish a Steering Team with you to review progress every month
    • Facilitate the impact tracking on benefits realised, hard and soft, to report to the Steering Team and NMCL
    • Coordinate all of the events for training, coaching and mentoring over the 24 month period, issue Joining Instructions, materials and invites to the participants, track participant/training information to provide to NMCL
    • Deliver training, coaching and mentoring for the themes
    • Finalise the end of programme deliverables, deliver the end of Programme Impact Report, handover all processes and assets into business as usual.


Hear more about PMI's work in each SC21 NMCL theme from Partner and Director Consultant, Des Kelly

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Theme 1: Competitive Strategy & Management Systems

To be truly competitive, you need to be clear and focused on your strategic intent. Theme 1 is about defining your strategic goals through to establishing the processes required to successfully translate these goals into actions that are measured, reported and governed.

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Theme 2: New Product Introduction & Lifecycle Management

NPI and Lifecycle Management is about optimising your processes from leadership, programme & product management, design, development and validation, through to manufacturing, supply chain development, marketing, selling and aftersales, in order to transform the goals for your new product into improved results for your business.
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Theme 3: Manufacturing Operations

When you have excellence in manufacturing operations, you’ll know where all the work is in the system, the status of the work and see efficiency and effectiveness of the work process. You will see an environment where morale is high, people are productive, and they take pride in their work.
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Theme 4: Supply Chain Management

Des Kelly talks about the NMCL’s Theme 4: Supply Chain Management, including; the importance of taking control of your extended supply chain to achieve success, and how effective and efficient Supply Chain management requires you to analyse and model your data to help you predict your future requirements.