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Wider Learning & Side by Side

For completing the Side by Side modules for Prevent, please seeĀ

For our template wider learning document to complete, please download the attachment to this article. The requirements for this document are:

  • Using information and guidance given on your Launch day, complete some of the questions within this document. You can also find more information in the remaining Prevent & British Values section of this website.
  • Once some questions have been answered, ensure that this document is uploaded to your online portfolio (see instructions on this support portal).
  • This is a live document, it should be updated as you learn more about Prevent / British Values throughout the programme.
  • By the end of the apprenticeship, the entire document must be completed and uploaded to your online portfolio.

There is also a 5 question quick-fire quiz on Prevent and British Values that delegates may be asked to complete.


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