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Implementing Lean in Different Management Cultures: On Demand Webinar

Why Toyota consultants struggle to implement change outside Toyota

A story continues to this day that when the Toyota board challenged Taiichi Ohno as to why he opened their doors in the 1980s to Western academics who were trying to figure out ‘The Japanese Miracle,’ he replied:  “Don’t worry, they’ll see some tools and techniques, then spend decades trying to work out how to get them to work. They’ll never realise it’s not about the tools.”

So if it’s not about the tools, how do you implement Lean?  Join Sean Buckland for an exploration into the fascinating challenge of implementing lean in different management cultures.  He will cover:

  • Being lean in a lean culture vs lean in a standard management culture
  • Some of the key brakes and barriers that traditional management unwittingly place on their lean efforts
  • An introduction into how to evaluate your culture through its values and how to use this to help lever cultural change
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