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What if an apprentice fails?

Failure/Re-site and Re-take information

Apprentices that fail the EPA will have the opportunity to re-sit/re-take. Re-sits/retakes are not to be offered to apprentices wishing to move from pass to merit/distinction or merit to distinction. A re-sit does not require further learning, whereas a re-take does. The conditions relating to re-sits/re-takes are outlined below.

Apprentices who fail any one EPA method will be offered the opportunity to take a re-sit/re-take for that one method. The re-sit/re-take must be taken within 1 month of notification of the result of the original EPA, otherwise the entire EPA must be retaken. The re-sit/re-take will be graded pass/merit/distinction and combined with the grades for the other 2 assessment methods to determine the EPA grade. If an apprentice fails the re-sit/re-take they will be required to re-take the EPA in full after a period of further learning.

Apprentices who fail more than one of the EPA methods or who have re-take the EPA in full due to conditions described above will be required to re-take the entire EPA after a period of further learning and the maximum grade awarded will be ‘pass’, unless the EPAO establishes that the reason for the original fail was for reasons beyond the apprentice’s control.

In all cases the apprentice’s employer will need to agree that a re-sit or re-take is an appropriate course of action.


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