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Uploading & Updating Wider Learning Documents

1. Scroll down and click My Portfolio

2. Scroll down and select the Forms tab.

If you do not see the form required, let a Capella member know.

3. Click on the Wider Learning form

– If this is your first time, you will see an empty list. Continue to step 4.

– If you have uploaded the form previously and are now updating it, you can open the latest version by clicking ‘Open’ in the list and downloading your document by clicking on the attachment. You can then complete the document and re-upload by continuing to step 4.


4. To start a new form, click

5. Then in the new window, click

6. Complete the forms as required.

7. For attachments, after clicking Add attachment, you will go to a “upload files” page.

8. Once this has been uploaded simply click back to the form name (Wider Learning ) using the buttons at the top left (highlighted)

It will not automatically go back to the form page after upload.

9. Tick the Signed box next to your name / Learner, and then click . You will not be able to edit it after this.

This will then notify the IQA that you have uploaded these documents. They will be rejected if they fail to meet requirements.


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