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Uploading & Mapping Evidence (including Deleting)


During your program, you will be required to upload evidence for your CPD assessments (largely your Professional Discussion). This covers the simple process of uploading this evidence, and then how to map it to KSBs for your program.

This guide assumes you have already logged into your OneFile account and are on your dashboard.

If you want to quickly upload and then map to KSBs later, then please see the Uploading Evidence (and map later) instruction.

Links to KSBs and their assessment methods:

Uploading & Mapping Evidence to KSBs

1. On the left hand menu, click on Assessments.

2. Click on Create Assessment and then select a Primary Method (type of Evidence).

3. Select the date (the date you want the evidence linked to), and insert a title for your reference.

If the ‘How will the evidence be recorded’ option appears, ensure ‘Holistically against multiple criteria’ is selected. You will likely find this selection option is not present, just skip to the next step if this is the case.

4. Click Start

5. Click Set Criteria

6. (We recommend selecting Gap Analysis View) Expand on the section(s) you want to map your evidence against using the down chevron on the right. For Professional Discussion evidence, you only need to map against KSBs denoted with a (PD) at the end.

7. Next to each criteria you want to map, tick the box under Select to map it. One evidence can map against multiple criteria.

8. Click Save and the mapped criteria should turn yellow. Once they have, click Back.

9. Describe your evidence / your account of events as needed in the Evidence space, then click Add Attachment.

10. Either drag and drop your files into the dotted area, or click Select Files.


11. If you clicked Select Files, then navigate to the document you wish to upload, select it and click Open.

12. Wait for the upload to complete, then it will appear as yellow at the bottom of the page. Then click Attach.

13. This will bring you back to the original page. If you want to also add OTJ time to your timesheet for this evidence, complete the Timesheet section and ensure Off-the-job is ticked.

14. Tick your signature at the bottom, and then click Save & Quit.

Equally, if you need to delete evidence, clicking the Delete button here will do so. This can be done at any point.


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