Uploading Evidence (to Map Later)

If you want to upload AND map evidence against KSBs in one process, please see the instruction for Uploading & Mapping Evidence instead. This guide covers if you want to quickly upload evidence to map against KSBs at a later date or if you are uploading miscellaneous items such as Side-by-side certificates.

Uploading Evidence (to map later)

1. From your dashboard, click on the Upload Evidence button.

2. Either drag and drop your files into the dotted area, or click Select Files.

3. If you clicked Select Files, then navigate to the document you wish to upload, select it and click Open.

4. Wait for the upload to complete, then it will appear as yellow at the bottom of the page.

5. Rename the Description to one of your choosing, and if you prefer, select a folder you wish to put it into (this just helps organisation for yourself). Then click the Save icon on the right on the same yellow line.

If this is for certificates (such as Side-by-side modules) you can stop here and nothing else needs to be done.

If this is for portfolio evidence (like project work or CPD evidence – anything relating to KSBs) then you’ll then need to follow this instruction to map it to KSBs: Uploading & Mapping Evidence


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