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PDSA and Disconfirming Evidence

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About this Podcast Episode

PDSA – Plan, Do, Study, Act – the iterative four-stage thinking model for delivering change.

Contrary to common sense, this robust framework actually begins with ‘Study’, PMI Senior Consultant Damion Albinson reminds us. Study the situation and involve the people who operate the process to generate hypotheses with the potential for improvement. However, the sometimes uncomfortable truth is that disproving what we thought sounded perfectly plausible is when the real learning happens…

Join Damion as he reveals the subtleties of the PDSA model, and how you may already have the disconfirming evidence you need.

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Join Susannah and Damion in the studio as they discuss PDSA and Disconfirming Evidence. You’ll hear about:

  • Introduction to the PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act) model
  • Importance of studying and gathering data before formulating hypotheses
  • Discussion on the concept of disconfirming evidence in PDSA
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