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Podcast: Transforming Spaces

About this Podcast Episode:  Transforming Spaces, with Professor Sally Mackey of The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

As we navigate the changing landscape of work and the blurring of boundaries between home and office, finding ways to create a sense of community and a reinvigorated attachment to place is more important than ever.

Uniquely qualified to offer wisdom on how to achieve this, Professor Sally Mackey of The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama shares an array of project examples where a sense of belonging has been created in unlikely environments.

In this fascinating exploration of leadership, Sally talks about the value of confidence, wisdom, the power of building upon the foundations and lessons of the past, plus the art of balancing agendas to bring your people on board with change and innovation.

"That's a shift change, and it creates a shift change in our own sense of belonging and then a sense of purpose as well."

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Inspired by the power of place?

If you enjoyed Sally’s thoughts and the innovative way to reinvigorate the attachment to place as much as we did, then you can hear more from Sally in her TEDx talk – Keeping a Sense of Place in a Disrupted World.

Changing Perceptions to Increase Productivity

How do you make the workspace attractive to stimulate creativity and innovation?

Sally suggests that leaders need to think about how to manage the workplace and adapt to the environment so that hybrid workers perceive it differently.

Wisdom and Confidence in Leadership

Do we value wisdom, or are we tempted to be attracted to what is new?

Sally tells us more about the qualities she most admires in leaders

Watch the Vodcast

Join PMI’s Susannah Clarke in the studio with Professor Sally Mackey of The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, as they talk about transforming spaces. You’ll hear them discuss:

  • Creating a sense of ownership
  • Creating positive place attachment
  • The difficulties of recreating the office environment


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