Transform Your Operations, Incrementally

Not everyone suits, or is ready for, a major project approach to transformation.

If you’re keen to radically improve your performance and adopt a structured approach to deploying performance excellence, how can you do that business unit by business unit, department by department?

So how can you transform your operations incrementally?

Join the PMI Team, Des Kelly, Damion Albinson, and Rich Seddon for our PMI LIVE webinar to discover how you can transform your operations incrementally, improve performance, AND develop sustainable capabilities for your people, including:

•  Planning the deployment
•  Accelerating your process performance
•  Supporting a culture of continuously driving out waste
•  Building capability and improving staff engagement 

Questions about how to transform your operations?

If you have any questions about this topic, you can reach the PMI team at: team@pmi.co.uk.

Next time, why not ask your questions in real-time and join us on our PMI LIVE webinar? Reflect. Learn. Thrive. Free interactive webinars led by our in-house experts.

Register now to take part in our LIVE and interactive sessions, featuring polls, discussion panels, chat and Q&A’s, and virtual whiteboards with interactive exercises to name but a few of the features that make the PMI LIVE webinar series unique.

Getting the Best from your Performance Huddles

Free Interactive Webinar
27 may 15:00 UK TIME
  • Join the PMI Operations Team as they host their huddle LIVE, revealing their secrets for success. Discover:
  • What makes a successful performance huddle
  • How to avoid common mistakes
  • How you can benefit

The Importance of great stakeholder engagement to power improvement

Free Interactive Webinar
24 June 15:00 UK TIME
  • Our panel of experienced leaders share their insights, including:
  • Examples from their careers
  • The pitfalls
  • The success factors

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