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The Successful Apprentice: Demystifying Off-The-Job Training

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A critical component of apprenticeship programmes, Off-The-Job (OTJ) training is the dedicated time your employers gift you for developing key knowledge, skills and behaviours aligned with your Apprenticeship.  We’re talking about engaging activities like research tasks, shadowing the pros, exploring tools and techniques, and putting all that valuable learning into practice.

Join Capella Consultant and Apprenticeship Trainer Mat Ellwood as he unravels the mysteries of OTJ time.  Mat talks about what constitutes OTJ time, how to log it, and the best practices for making the most of this opportunity so that you can maximise your apprenticeship experience.

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Video Highlights:

OTJ Definition (00:46) An explanation of OTJ as protected time for skill development inside normal working hours.

What Counts as OTJ Time (02:21) Examples of activities that can be counted as OTJ time, such as research tasks, shadowing, and mentoring.

Logging OTJ Time (08:30) Practical steps for logging OTJ time using the One File learner e-portfolio management system.

Best Practices for Learners (18:01) Recommendations for learners to engage with the curriculum, deepen understanding, and seek knowledge from colleagues and mentors.

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“It’s effectively time that you’ve been gifted by your organisation through the mere sign-up of an apprenticeship that says we recognise the importance of developing our people.”

Remember, it’s not just about fulfilling a requirement; it’s about your professional development and self-improvement journey.  So, take advantage of this time, log it diligently, and watch the results as you build your knowledge, skills, and behaviours.

Mat Ellwood at Capella “I have the pleasure of being able to watch the development of our apprentices, but I think it’s always good for a delegate to also be able to go back and reflect, and think, ‘Well, at the beginning of the program, this was my knowledge, this was my skill, this was my behaviour. Look just how much they’ve grown while on program.”

Mat Ellwood is a Capella Consultant and has supported countless apprentices in their professional development journey. Passionate about fostering talent and guiding individuals towards their goals, Mat is dedicated to empowering apprentices with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to excel. Through his expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence, Mat has earned a reputation as a trusted advisor and advocate for apprentice success.

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