The Importance of Great Stakeholder Engagement to Power Improvement

Stakeholder engagement is critical to the success of improvement activities, yet its importance is often overlooked.

Experienced leaders share their insight into stakeholder engagement

In response to your Voice of the Customer feedback, we’re delighted to have assembled a panel of experienced leaders to discuss the topic in detail.

We explore why it is so important, and what steps you can take to enhance your own practice, as our panel share their insights, including:

    • Examples from their careers
    • Some pitfalls
    • Success factors

Rich Seddon, Managing Partner at PMI

Rich is an astute change leader, experienced in delivering improvements in productivity, financial performance, quality, and customer satisfaction.  He is an excellent and engaging communicator, experienced in motivating others to excel, and achieve results they never thought possible.

Michél Patterson, Senior Executive

With 30 years of multi-industry experience in transforming global organisations to attain new profit levels, save millions of dollars, and significantly enhance customer experience, Michél thrives on providing a positive source of caring AND challenge, helping others achieve more than they imagined possible.

Allan Fairbairn, Director of Delivery and Business Excellence at Helios Towers

Allan is an accomplished, highly respected, and commercially astute Six Sigma Black Belt, Chartered Engineer, and Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology Executive. He is experienced in providing strategic, financial, and operational leadership to global organisations operating in the Power Supply sectors throughout the last 15+ years.

Barry Byrne, Director Consultant at PMI

Barry has led client interventions for PMI on a global scale and brings extensive experience of engaging with stakeholders to facilitate improvement initiatives and implement innovative solutions to complex business system problems.

Questions about stakeholder engagement?

If you have any questions about this topic, you can reach the PMI team at: team@pmi.co.uk.

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Raise the Bar:

Drive Your Performance Excellence

30 sep 15:00 UK TIME
  • Never before has the case for doing more with less been greater. Find out how performance excellence can help.

    Join us as we explore:
  • The benefits
  • Where to start
  • How to reinvigorate

In the Footsteps of Customers:

How to Understand What You’re Really Like to Do Business With
28 Oct 15:00 UK TIME
  • Do we really know what it is like to be our own customer and what opportunities for improvement that may be hidden from us?

    Join our expert panel as we explore:
  • The customer journey
  • Methods and approaches to understand the voice and experience of the customer
  • The possible gains of getting right

Organising for Change:

How to Optimise Your Improvement
25 NOV 15:00 UK TIME
  • We often get asked by customers what structure and roles do they need to deliver an effective improvement programme.

    Join us as we explore:
  • Is there an optimal structure for managing change?
  • Should teams and projects be centralised or devolved?
  • What resources do you require?
  • What are the roles in effective improvement?

Celebrating Success, Learning From Failure:

Getting the Most From Your Improvement Projects
16 Dec 15:00 UK TIME
  • How often or effectively do we make space to ensure we understand and learn from the causes of our successes and failures?

    Join us as we explore:
  • Why is it important?
  • What methods are effective?
  • How can you get started?

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