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Strategic ALIGNMENT through Hoshin Kanri

One of the largest trading houses in the world with an annual turnover of 4.6 billion Euros and around 3000 employees, had ambitious growth plans to expand their offer for customers.  They had developed a comprehensive strategy for realising these ambitions but lacked a structured means of deployment.

PMI was approached to work on the deployment of a midterm improvement plan – this was achieved using the Hoshin Kanri process.


actions of each team aligned to strategic objectives

staff knowledge used to derive best tactics

clarity on each person's role & how to contribute


The core of the Hoshin Kanri process involves the translation of a strategic plan into a set of clear objectives.  These objectives are then realised through the delivery of tactical actions and projects.

Its value is two-fold:

    1. The clear and transparent alignment between activity and goals and a structured monitoring process
    2. The ownership and alignment generated at each level of the organisation.  When this happens, everyone feels part of the process, understands their role within it and are aligned to the organisation’s goals.


Using PMI’s Hoshin Kanri process, we planned and facilitated a range of inspiring and coordinated workshops for the senior team, functional leads and operational staff to translate the strategic plan into objectives, project identification and rationalisation.

We facilitated the establishment of a Program Management Office (PMO) to manage and control data flows within the process, monitor project progress and revise theories (PDSA).

At the end of the processes the organisation had an effective and structured approach for deploying and cascading their strategic plan, an engaged workforce who understand their role in the deployment and a PMO managing a prioritised improvement plan.


The organisation now has:

    • A resource management and governance process, including a PMO, to monitor progress and revise theories
    • An effective and structured approach for deploying and cascading their strategic plan year on year
    • A project identification process
    • A resource planning process
    • A lessons learned review document to support the implementation of future year plans
    • An effective engagement programme to deploy the strategy

Would you like to USE HOSHIN KANRI IN your organisation?

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