Stop, Start, Continue: Improvement Post-Covid? A recording of our webinar

With vaccines rolling out, we’re now entering a new phase of the pandemic.  So what will you stop, start or continue in the new different?

At the start of the pandemic global supply chains were interrupted, the way we interact shifted online, and remote work became the norm in a way no one could have predicted – a recent Gartner survey stated 74% of companies plan to permanently shift to more remote working.

A lot will be different.  We all need to identify how to continue to improve our businesses to provide what our customers need.  It’s an opportunity to reimagine, to speed up the adoption of emerging trends AND permanently capture productivity improvements. 

In this week’s PMI Friday Webinar, Des Kelly spoke about what you need to think about to deliver sustainable improvement, covering developing new priorities, understanding productivity, business ethics, and emerging trends.