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Signing Documents

This applies to all documents and is the instruction required for signing Enrolment Documents on Launch day.

This assumes you have already received and verified your OneFile login. If you have not received this, please check your Spam/Junk folder, and then tell your Capella team.

1. Login to OneFile with your email address, in the Keychain accounts screen, click on the account you want to access (Learner account)

2. On the left hand menu, click on Tasks (there should already be a number of tasks indicated by the small number to the right)

If you do not see any tasks yet assigned, please let Capella know.

3. Click on the first Task description (blue text)

NOTE: You can ignore tasks that are relating to updating your profile information at this time.


4. Verify any information in the form as needed. If you want to download these documents for your company records, click on each attachment to download them.

5. Tick the Signed checkbox to add your digital signature on the yellow line.

6. Click Accept.

7. Go back to your Tasks tab and repeat this for all required documents.


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