Room for Improvement - Episode #6: Rebecca Cronin

In this episode, we’re joined by Rebecca Cronin, a Project Manager with over 15 years’ experience working in the process improvement and customer service fields.

What does success look like for an improvement professional?

Becky has always thrived on improving the processes around her, engaging teams to realise improvements together, and embedding a culture of improvement in the workplace.

Listen now to find out what Becky considers the real measure of success to be for an improvement professional.

Listen to more insights from experienced Business Improvement Practitioners:

Interested to learn more about achieving success as an improvement professional?

Join us as Warren Knight talks about what makes improvement continuous, covering organisational culture, roles in improvement, and systems to support continuous improvement.

Watch now – What Makes Improvement Continuous? Webinar Recording

What do you do if you discover that the methods your organisation has committed to adopting have been set aside and instead one of your colleagues continues to manage their people and processes the way they always have?

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Warren Knight describes how to use Interrelationship Diagraphs to analyse complex problems, identifying high driver factors which have the greatest influence, and should therefore be the focus of improvement activities. 

Watch now – Top Tools for Effective Prioritisation: Interrelationship Diagraphs

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