Room for Improvement - Episode #4:
Naveen Shanmugam, Helios Investment Partners

Hear from Naveen Shanmugam, Director of Operational Excellence at Helios Investment Partners LLP as he talks adapting to get the right approach to improvement depending on your business needs.  Helios Investment Partners have a diverse portfolio of private equity and credit investments in over 30 African countries, building profitable, value-creating, and socially responsible private enterprises.  With such a diverse portfolio, Naveen is extremely experienced in getting to the right improvement approach to meet the business needs. 

What is the right improvement approach?

Naveen has his hands full working across the range of portfolio companies, in a variety of sectors, supporting them in their quest for operational excellence using Lean Six Sigma methodologies.  It’s fascinating to hear him talk about aligning with the priorities of the different businesses to ensure the right approach – from Lean transformation to everyday problem-solving.

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