Room For Improvement - Episode #2: Lucie Lovell, WaterAid

Business Improvement at WaterAid

In our second episode of Room for Improvement, we hear from Lucie Lovell, Business Improvement Lead at the international charity WaterAid. Lucie talks about the importance of continuous improvement in a not-for-profit organisation.  Above all, business improvement at WaterAid facilitates maximum supporter funds going towards the delivery of the important work with WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) the charity undertakes. Therefore, by ensuring process efficiency, funds won’t be consumed by process waste. As a consequence, the organisation can do more to help support the 1 in 4 children that are predicted to live in regions where water is severely scarce by 2040.

During the video, Lucie goes on to tell us how she introduced Lean and Kaizen methodology as her chosen approach. Subsequently, Lucie could collaborate with others to multiply the impact of improvement efforts.  In turn, repeating this approach across functions in the organisation has successfully created a culture of continuous improvement at WaterAid

Watch the full episode now to find out what it means to practice process improvement in this kind of environment. 

If you’ve been inspired by this video and would like to know more about WaterAid and the fantastic work they do, please visit their website here.

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Our video series aims to provide inspiration for people who are developing their Business Improvement capabilities.  The guests in each video are experienced practitioners who talk about how they got started, what it means to practise business improvement, and who or what has inspired them.  Listen out for their hints and tips to help you on your own improvement journey.

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