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Room for Improvement: Katharine Daubney, BJSS

Thriving as an Improvement Practitioner

Initially on a very different career path, natural problem solver Katherine Daubney found what she was looking for when her questioning approach led to an introduction to Lean Six Sigma.  Now a Process Improvement Consultant, she thrives on finding better ways of doing things.

Focusing on leveraging technology to optimise processes, cost reduction doesn’t mean reducing headcount, she tells us, as she reflects on her very first Green Belt project which used automation to improve customer experience. Open communication, where people at all levels are coming together to talk about problems, is the best way to ensure an organisation continuously improves.

A Lean Six Sigma advocate for life, watch now as Katherine reveals what you need to do, to thrive as an improvement practitioner.

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Remember the ‘continuous’ in Continuous Improvement​

As an improvement practitioner, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of recalculating control limits because of a positive shift in process performance.

Celebrating your successes is vital for driving a culture of continuous improvement, but don’t lose sight of that key word – ‘continuous’. Katharine reminds us that a fix right now doesn’t mean that further improvement can’t be gained in the future.

Improvement in action​

Nuisance calls from scam numbers – something most of us can probably relate to.

Katharine shares an impressive case study from her previous role at Vodaphone, where she used Lean Six Sigma tools and methodology to propose ground-breaking changes across the whole industry which positively impacted over 90% of the UK population.

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