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Room for Improvement: Lana Jones, QVC

Understanding The Value of Continuous Improvement Skills

Having always thrived on the ongoing pursuit of better solutions, Lana Jones, Senior Manager for Process Improvement at QVC, fell in love with Continuous Improvement thinking and methodology.  She advanced through the Belt Levels to achieve the pinnacle of Lean Six Sigma certification and is now highly valued as a quality and improvement advisor in her role as a Master Black Belt.

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How about developing your Continuous Improvement skills too?

Lana describes with absolute clarity what Continuous Improvement means to her and the benefits for her organisation and its customers – reminding us that when equipped with transferrable Continuous Improvement skills, we’re an invaluable asset to any organisation.  So give your development the priority it deserves; stay curious, reflect regularly, and learn from your experiences.

The positive impact of a mentor

The support of a mentor can make a huge difference in your career as an Improvement Professional.  Their valuable knowledge and insight can be crucial in helping you to solve problems, build your confidence, and deliver results.

Our video series aims to provide inspiration for people who are developing their Business Improvement capabilities.

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