Reinvigorating Operational Excellence with PMI Transform

Precision Manufacturing Company with 15,000 employees in 141 locations.

In this case study we describe how we helped a major pharmaceutical company overcome severe delays in a bottlenecked process. The delays and high inventory levels were leading to increased costs and administration.


This organisation needed to explore ways to revisit and reinvigorate their core underlying approach to delivering operational process excellence and reducing variability after many years of successful use of continuous improvement methods and tools.

The area improvement teams were well established but needed to increase impact with a more structured and focussed leadership to achieve their improvement goals.


The employee survey offered the following benefits:

  • Highlighted to employees that the Corporate Steering Team are interested in how they feel about quality and continuous improvement as a way of working.
  • Analysis of general responses by job function, identifying gaps that can be addressed
    through training and/or communication initiatives.
  • A listing of potential systemic improvement opportunities as seen from different positions
    in the business.


PMI’s recommendations focussed on 4 main areas for the organisation to consider:

  • An improvement system assessment using the PMI Transform Model
  • Provision of System Leadership Training
  • Provision of training for Managing Process Performance
  • Online Learning using the PMI Essential tools for Improvement Series.
  • A full assessment was carried out using the PMI Transform model which involved interviews with staff at 2 sites and a high proportion of the management team.

After the Transform assessment PMI’s response consisted of:

  • Develop and conduct an employee survey  to assess attitude and culture gaps at  the organisation.
  • Conduct Corporate Steering Team Workshop to align business and improvement strategies and reconfirm improvement structure, roles, and accountabilities
  • Train Product Line and AIT Leadership on Managing Process Performance through continuous improvement
  • On going coaching and consultation to implement the changes suggested by the Assessment

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