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Redundancy Information

If you are made redundant whilst on an apprenticeship programme with us, please get in touch with your trainer straight away as we have a number of support options available for you, as summarised below.

You can continue with your apprenticeship:

  • If there’s less than 6 months before your Final Gateway, the ESFA will fund the remainder of your programme and Capella can act as a proxy employer for the purposes of providing any required employer competency statement for End Point Assessment
  • If there’s more than 6 months but less than 12 months before your Final Gateway, the ESFA will fund your programme for 12 weeks whilst you find a new job
  • You can continue with and complete your Functional Skills programme however long is left

So, please send us your new contact details ASAP so we can keep in touch and help you maintain progress on your programme (or finish it if you’re ready to do so) and find a new job if you need one. We’ll need a copy of your redundancy letter for our records so please forward a copy of this to us when you can.

We’d encourage you to complete your improvement project in your current role as quickly as possible since you may find you’re not able to complete it once you move or that you struggle for time whilst settling into a new role. You can include a part-completed project in your evidence portfolio as long as you extract all of the learning from it and have another project that addresses any gaps in the evidence.

Once you find a new job, you’ll need to ask your new employer to support you to complete your programme and they’ll need to assume all outstanding liabilities and benefits from that point. If they’re not a levy-paying employer, they can still use levy funds and we can help them get this sorted if required.

  • Send us your new contact details ASAP with a copy of your redundancy letter
  • Continue working on your apprenticeship – this is a really valuable qualification and an internationally recognised skillset – it will be hugely beneficial in finding a new role!
  • Ask your new employer to support you in completing the programme (if you have more than 6 months before Final Gateway) and send us their details so we can help get this set up

If you’ve got any questions or would like to talk to us about your situation, please contact us.


Redundancy Support Service for Apprentices (ReSSA)

The DfE have launched a service to support apprentices who have been made redundant, or who are at risk of redundancy.

Apprentices that have been made redundant without completing their apprenticeships and those at risk of redundancy can now access support from the Redundancy Support Service for Apprentices (ReSSA).

ReSSA enables individuals to access free online information and telephone support, helping apprentices to connect with national and local support services, including financial, legal, health and wellbeing and careers advice services. The service will also help redundant apprentices identify new apprenticeship and employment opportunities and, where they are eligible, complete their current apprenticeship.

The service is made up of three main elements:

  • Providing apprentices with advice and guidance on the impact of redundancy
  • Signposting apprentices to local and national support services
  • An apprenticeship vacancy sharing service to make redundant apprentices aware of new opportunities

There is a dedicated webpage here which details the support available to apprentices, as well as a page for employers.


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