Process Mapping and its Benefits: a video recording of our webinar

Are you reaping the benefits of process mapping?

What is process mapping?

As improvement experts, we know the value of developing good process maps. Process maps provide you and your team with an opportunity to collaborate on developing clear and easy-to-use visualisation of how the work, works. In doing so, you’ll highlight inefficiencies, bottlenecks or complexities giving you and your team a clear roadmap for process improvement opportunities.

Are you thinking of automation? An up-to-date, optimised map of the process is an essential part of any aspiration you have to automate repetitive tasks, so you can avoid the ultimate sin of automating a flawed process!

So what are the benefits of process mapping?

Join Marie-Clare Pedersen as she talks about how you can use process mapping to:

    • Engage your teams
    • Develop consensus on the best-known way
    • Support people to do their best work

If you’re looking to drive a culture of continuous improvement, then it’s essential to develop the process skills of your people and give them a method to follow.  Process mapping is a core skill that anyone at any level of the organisation would benefit from understanding.

what you see is all there is

Free Webinar
29 oct 15:00 UK TIME
  • Join Sean Buckland as he talks about improving our Lean Six Sigma interventions, covering:
  • Why do we need LSS projects in the first place?
  • Why can’t people see the waste all around them?
  • Why LSS training alone is not enough to be effective with LSS

The Opportunities Hidden in Your Value Stream

Free Webinar
05 Nov 15:00 UK TIME
  • Join Warren Knight as he talks about understanding how well work flows through your system and how to identify opportunities for improved:
  • Speed
  • Adaptability
  • Efficiency

Managing the Speed of Change

Free Webinar
12 Nov 15:00 UK TIME
  • Join Marie-Clare Pedersen as she talks about remaining viable through the ability to respond to change, covering:
  • Why change is happening faster
  • Factors affecting the speed of change
  • Change vs. transformation
  • How to increase agility

The Art of Leading Virtual Teams

Free Webinar
19 Nov 15:00 UK TIME
  • Join Barry Byrne as he talks about managing teams virtually, and options to consider for:
  • Communication techniques
  • Visual and audio tools
  • Team meetings
  • Developing the team's competency in working virtually

Agile Improvement -Myth or Magic?

Free Webinar
26 Nov 15:00 UK TIME
  • Join Sean Buckland as he busts the myths and shows you how to deliver value to your customers through:
  • The principles of agile improvement
  • Rapid cycles
  • Continuous evaluation

More resources that might interest you

Warren Knight talks about the go-to tool for defining a process, and how you can engage your staff in taking ownership of the realities of their work processes.

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Construct a flowchart to outline a clear, agreed definition of a process. 

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Join Marie-Clare Pedersen as she talks about how to choose the vital few measures that paint a clear and honest picture of your process performance.

Watch now: Choosing the Right Metrics and Measures webinar recording

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