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What is Prevent?

The purpose of Prevent is to safeguard vulnerable people from becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism, by engaging with people who are vulnerable to radicalisation and protecting those who are being targeted by terrorist recruiters.

As one part of the CONTEST strategy, Prevent sits alongside other work that includes Pursue (stopping terrorist attacks happening in the UK and overseas), Protect (strengthen protection against a terrorist attack in the UK or overseas) and Prepare (mitigate the impact of a terrorist incident if it occurs).

Prevent deals with all forms of terrorism, including Islamist and extreme right wing, and does not focus on any one community. Prevent is about working in areas where there are risks of radicalisation and offering support, predominately through local community partnerships.

Through Prevent, vulnerable individuals who are at risk of radicalisation can be safeguarded and supported, whilst also enabling those already engaged in terrorism to disengage and rehabilitate. Referring possible cases of early stage radicalisation works in a similar way to safeguarding processes designed to protect people from gang activity, drug abuse, and physical/sexual abuse.

The UK’s work in Prevent is world leading. Countries across Europe and beyond have developed preventative programmes inspired by the Prevent model. This shows the growing international consensus that Prevent programmes are vital.


Capella’s Policy

Capella’s Prevent policy is integral to safeguarding and sets out how we:

  • Protect apprentices and Associates from radicalising influences – particularly through the promotion of the fundamental British values
  • Build our apprentices and Associates resilience to extreme narratives
  • Identify any vulnerabilities or worrying changes in behaviour
  • Take action if we have concerns about an apprentice or an Associate


Key aims are to: 

  1. Comply with all regulations and statutory duties in relation to the Prevent Duty.
  2. Be vigilant of, identify and report as appropriate, any person at risk of radicalisation, extremism or terrorist related matters.
  3. Promote and reinforce fundamental British values, founded on tolerance and respect for others.
  4. Create a safe space for free and open debate.
  5. Promote a sense of community cohesion both within our provision and within the wider external community.
  6. Challenge poor practice in the workplace if identified.
  7. Ensure that “everyone is responsible” for fulfilling the purpose and aims of the Prevent policy.

A full copy of Capella’s Safeguarding and Prevent Policy is available on Capella’s Apprentice Hub here.


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