By completing all of the above, you will be satisfying all of the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours (KSBs) set out in the apprenticeship standard.

What happens after this Gateway Review?

Once you have had formal confirmation by your trainer that you are being passed onto EPA, you will be contacted directly by an End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) representative who will request that you submit your evidence to them by a deadline.

All evidence must be submitted to your EPAO within 1 month, so you can expect them to contact you fairly swiftly. Once they have received this, they will pass all of this on to the person who will be formally assessing you, this person may be the person who contacted you, or it may be someone else.

The EPAO representative will also ask you to select relevant times for you to complete your assessment(s). For example, if completing the L4 Improvement Practitioner program, you will be asked to select 2 different times to complete your Exam, Project Report, and Professional Discussion. Once you have confirmed these slots, your EPAO will confirm when these are booked in.

Remember, once you have submitted your evidence to the EPAO, you should not change it as this can adversely affect your assessment.

Once all booked, you just wait for the day to arrive to go through the End Point Assessment Process.