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Podcast: Unlocking the Secrets of Business Excellence

About this Podcast Episode:  Unlocking the Secrets of Business Excellence with Tom Greenwood, Group CEO at Helios Towers

In our most revealing episode to date, join us as Tom Greenwood, Group CEO at Helios Towers, talks about how Business Excellence is driving their growth in the telecommunication infrastructure industry in Africa and the Middle East. He shares his advice on the three areas of focus that make a great leader, why we must keep learning, and crucially, how Lean Six Sigma is supporting them with their four must-win battles of Business Excellence.

It’s always inspiring to hear from industry leaders about their strategies and successes. Check out the full interview now and gain valuable insights on how you, too, can excel in Business Excellence.

"If our customers are happy and we're growing with our customers in partnership, then you know that ultimately leads to business success."

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Inspired by our conversation with Tom Greenwood?

We understand that the case for doing more with less has never been greater. If your organisation is facing cost pressures, supply shortages, or labour/skills constraints, Performance Excellence has an essential role to play.

Continue your learning and watch our on-demand webinar, Raise the Bar – Drive your Performance Excellence, as we explore:

  • Why Performance Excellence is so essential to your organisation
  • How to generate committed engagement across your teams
  • Some useful pitfalls to avoid


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Exceptional leadership – the essential elements

Vision, strategy, and execution are key for a leader to truly stand out from the crowd.

Tom tells us more.


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Tracking progress for successful outcomes

Close tracking of KPIs with regular management check-ins ensure business goals are met at Helios Towers.  But what happens if there’s a setback?

Tom tells us how teams work together to formulate a viable solution.

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Focus on the process​

Mistakes provide the greatest opportunity for learning, so Helios Towers have created an environment where they can be made safely and without fear of blame or repercussions. Tom tells us that rather than blaming the person, the process that allowed the mistake to occur is assessed, and the data is used to improve that process in the future.

Listen to the Soundbite on YouTube
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