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Podcast: The Leadership Blueprint for a Continuous Improvement Culture

About this Podcast Episode: The Leadership Blueprint for a Continuous Improvement Culture with Tony Tielen at Smiths Group PLC

Do you want a Leadership blueprint to help reshape your organisation’s Continuous Improvement culture?  Are you seeking to establish a robust Continuous Improvement methodology?  Are you looking to foster a dynamic way of working?

Join us as we talk to the Group Excellence Director of an engineering powerhouse with a global presence in 50 countries, a workforce of over 15,000, AND an award-winning culture that embraces Continuous Improvement.  It’s very clear.  A transformation of this scale begins with Leadership, a clear vision, and a purpose that guides every step.

Smiths Group PLC has meticulously identified its strengths and priorities, and this roadmap has been cascaded from the very top, fostering unity and collaboration across the organisation to turn its plans into actions.  Tony Tielen shares how they’ve actively worked on improving gender balance, fostering innovation, leading inclusively, and truly embodying its core values.

Learn from their experience as Tony sheds light on the challenges and triumphs of their journey.

"The stakeholder management; getting others to come along and building ambassadorship – that’s the most powerful part of the programme."

The Importance of Change Management

Leadership and change management are crucial for successful Lean Six Sigma implementation. Without buy-in from leaders and process owners, expertise alone won’t do the trick.

Leadership and Continuous Improvement

For Continuous Improvement to truly take hold, it must be more than a concept—it must be a living, breathing part of company culture. Leadership must set the example, fostering an environment of trust and learning.

Energise Your Team

Focusing on motivation and creating an environment that supports and celebrates improvement will lead to a more dynamic and forward-thinking workplace.

Watch the Vodcast

Join PMI’s Susannah Clarke in the studio with Tony Tielen of Smiths Group PLC as they talk all about The Leadership Blueprint for a Continuous Improvement Culture.  You’ll hear them discuss:

  • The importance of Leadership in driving a successful Continuous Improvement program
  • Initiating and cascading the culture of Continuous Improvement throughout the organisation
  • A strategy of attracting talent, training them in Lean Six Sigma, and integrating them into Leadership positions
  • The importance of stakeholder management and getting buy-in from leaders and employees
  • Aligning program goals with business priorities and ensuring long-term sustainability
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