Leading for Business Excellence Podcast

Episode #11:  Tech Entrepreneur Shares his Secrets for Business Excellence with Jon Darbyshire, Co-Founder & CEO of SmartSuite

Serial entrepreneur, investor, and CEO of SmartSuite, Jon Darbyshire, specialises in looking at old problems from new perspectives, and bringing fresh thinking to help tackle some of the real-world challenges that many organisations face.

Business Excellence in practice

With a career spanning the world of big consulting, high growth tech start-ups, and the charitable sector, Jon shares his first-hand experience of performance excellence and the lessons he’s learned along the way. It’s fascinating to hear how his mastery of process, combined with a keen sense of both priority and direction, has contributed to his success.

Listen now as we explore how teams can be mobilised and scaled at pace, and how to break new ground while ensuring quality of delivery is maintained, as well as finding new and exciting ways to delight customers.

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