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Podcast: Operational Excellence Insights with Marvin Cooke of Toyota Motor Europe

About this Podcast Episode: Operational Excellence Insights to Fuel Success

Visualise a vehicle rolling off the production line every 58 seconds. Each one driven by an organisation at the peak of operational excellence. Are you ready to join these world-renowned leaders in process mastery?

In the latest episode of PMI’s Leading for Business Excellence podcast, we’re in conversation with the Executive Vice President of Manufacturing at Toyota Motor Europe, Marvin Cooke.

From his beginnings as an apprentice to his current role overseeing Toyota’s entire European manufacturing operations, Marvin shares his journey through the twists and turns of the global pandemic and supply chain crises that have tested systems like never before, revealing the high-performance engine behind Toyota’s sustained success.

“You can talk about your systems when things are in good shape and running smoothly, but they’re put to the test when the challenges come.”

Join the conversation as we explore the road to excellence, with leadership insights into translating philosophy into practical action, the importance of ‘going to see’, and the power of putting people first.

Process mastery is within your grasp.  Transform your Operations, starting today.

"Understanding and getting along with people might get you further than being the best engineer, so be good in your discipline but also learn about people and relationships."

Make Ever Better Cars

This core principle isn’t just about vehicles; it’s a versatile philosophy that applies to every role within the organisation. It’s a way of thinking that fosters continuous improvement and pushes the boundaries of what’s possible. Join Marvin as he talks about the core principles of the Toyota Production System.

How Apprenticeships Forge Career Success

Hear about Marvin’s own apprenticeship success story and why he urges others to consider this path for personal development and career growth.

Explore Apprenticeships

The Long-Lasting Value of Leading with Gratitude

Expressing appreciation in a fast-paced business world can transform a team’s dynamics and is a hallmark of empathetic and effective leadership. Join Marvin as he recalls an experience early in his career where a simple gesture spoke volumes.

Strong Supplier Partnerships

Drawing inspiration from the Toyota Production System, Marvin discusses the value of building strong relationships with suppliers to ensure effective supply chain management.  Here we gain insight into the ‘Toyota Way’ and how these core principles impact the production system.

At PMI, we understand your operations are the backbone of your business.  Our consultancy services are crafted to elevate your processes to new heights of efficiency and excellence. Through consulting expertise and personalised guidance, we’ll work alongside you to reveal your full potential and take your business to the next level.​  Unlock the power of process mastery today.

Transform Your Operations

Watch the Vodcast

Join PMI’s Rich Seddon and Jan Gillett in the studio with Marvin Cooke as they talk all about Operational Excellence Insights to Fuel Success.  You’ll hear them discuss:

  • The challenges faced in operations (03:25)
  • Toyota’s methodologies for improvement (21:08)
  • The connection between leadership, process, and results (25:58)
  • Sharing best practices (29:40)
  • Standardisation and innovation (40:32)
  • Continual learning and the value of old theories (44:19)
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