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Podcast: Leading the Future of Work

About this Podcast Episode:  Leading the Future of Work with Dr Nicola Millard, Principal Innovation Partner at BT Digital Solutions

Do you suffer from proximity bias?  Are you a time vampire?  And if we are now ‘zedonks’, how do we plan for working in a hybrid environment?  In this insightful episode of Leading for Business Excellence, Dr Nicola Millard, Principal Innovation Partner at BT Digital Solutions, talks about leading the future of work.

Spending most of her time collaborating with a variety of experts to imagine and research the possibilities of innovative technology, Nicola shares with us her thoughts and findings on today’s hot topics, including the four-day working week, establishing a presence in a virtual world, and the psychology of innovation.

Listen now to hear what that could mean for you, and the future of your work.

"Our decision should be based on who we're working with, where they are, when they are there."

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Do you need to innovate? How does innovation differ from improvement?

Improvement and innovation are both critical to the future success of any business. Prior to embarking on any project, it’s essential that you know which you’re intending to accomplish.

The approach you use for each will be different, so it’s important that you can develop your eye to identify a requirement for innovation, and ensure you use the correct resources to achieve the goal.

If you missed our webinar on ‘Developing Your Eye For Innovation’, you can now watch the recording. Sean Buckland spoke about how innovation differs from improvement, deciding if you need to innovate, and a tool to help you set out on the best innovation journey.

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Leading the future of work: the real value of innovation ​

We’re surrounded by technology that’s designed to make our lives easier, perhaps even that we couldn’t live without.  But what’s the value of innovative new products or services if there’s no desire to embrace it?

Nicola explains how her role as Principal Innovation Partner focuses on the most ‘disruptive parts of innovation’ – not the technology, but the people who use it.

Let’s not mistake activity for productivity​

Have you been a victim of back-to-back meetings where you spend all your time talking about work, rather than doing work?

Aptly referring to them as ‘time vampires’, Nicola tells us that tackling the number of meetings we’re attending is essential, in order to create the brain space to think, read, write, and achieve.  It’s time to challenge the dynamics of how we collaborate!

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Join PMI’s Susannah Clarke in the studio with Dr Nicola Millard, Principal Innovation Partner at BT Digital Solutions, as they talk Leading the Future of Work . You’ll hear them discuss:

  • Insights from research on the hybrid workplace
  • Making offices more agile using data from smart buildings
  • Challenges and innovations in hybrid meetings


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Great leaders need to be skilled networkers​

Effective networking creates the conversations we need in order to grow; to share knowledge, seek opportunities, and achieve success.

Soon to be nurtured from apprenticeship level at BT Group, it’s a vital skill that we should be teaching our future leaders, especially in an increasingly hybrid world, where ‘being present’ – the leadership 101 – presents new challenges.

Am I an office worker today?​

One of Nicola’s more unique analogies, she uses the term ‘zedonk’ to emphasise that one size really doesn’t fit all when it comes to conversations about hybrid working.

Instead of deciding each day whether we are working from the office like a zebra or from home like a donkey, we should accept that this brand-new breed of creature lets the nature of the work itself define where and when it should be done.

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