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Podcast: Leading for the Future

About this Podcast Episode:  Leading for the Future, with Emma Howard Boyd CBE

Speaking shortly after attending COP27, it was clear that Emma Howard Boyd‘s early experience of living on a boat motivated her to combine her career with paying attention to our natural world.

So much so, she was awarded a CBE by Her Majesty the Queen in 2021 for service to the environment, and she continues to influence the field of climate change and sustainability through her various portfolio roles today.

She is a leading voice on how we must develop systems to address climate issues and the intrinsically linked cost of living crisis, women leaders and diversity.  Join us now to hear from a truly dedicated expert on how leadership thinking can create a sense of purpose, innovation, and community to build a better future for us all.

"We need a different type of leadership and project dandelion is about seeding that leadership at all levels of women to help with climate justice"

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Leading for the future

The climate shocks we’re experiencing now result from the actions of our predecessors, just as our actions today will affect the lives of future generations.

Positioned to influence an organisation’s strategy, leaders need to understand the importance of the natural environment and think about the voices that are not around the board table when making decisions that will affect them.


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Managing the impact of climate change

Flooding in Pakistan, wildfires in Europe and hurricanes in the Caribbean are just three recent examples of weather-related disasters, which are happening more and more frequently as a result of climate change.

Dealing with the impact of these events is becoming a reality for an increasing number of organisations worldwide.  So what should leaders be paying attention to, in order to build resilience?


The more diverse a company, the better its performance

Women in leadership positions are often more open than men to changes that will drive climate action but are currently underrepresented in decision-making positions, especially in carbon-intensive industries.

Passionate about increasing diversity around the boardroom table, here’s what Emma had to say about her involvement with The 30% Club, which works with men and women to promote female leadership.


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