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Episode #12: Invest in Relationships to Build Successful Teams with Tim Schmeisser, VP of Commercial Transformation at Kimberly-Clark

“Don’t worry about the solution”, Tim Schmeisser, VP of Commercial Transformation at Kimberly-Clark tells us, “that will come later.  First, we must talk about the problem” (or should that be ‘the opportunity’?).

Through his tech-based career with companies including Unilever and Kimberly-Clark, Tim has mastered the art of simplifying complex problems to gain a real understanding of what’s not working. Only then can his team begin to think about what they’re trying to accomplish, and work towards an effective solution that turns a problem into an opportunity.

Is investing in relationships the difference between success and failure?

A great idea on its own doesn’t guarantee success.  But the value of a great idea is significantly higher with the support of a capable and inspired team to turn it into tangible results.

In speaking about leadership approaches, Tim explains how for him, investing in relationships to build successful teams which welcome direct and robust conversation about a problem, has been the difference between success and failure.

"I wish I'd started somewhere else with that..."

Coming up with the perfect solution every single time is an unlikely scenario for even the most knowledgeable and experienced leader.  It’s uncomfortable to admit to failure, but as Tim explains, it’s what you do with it that counts.  

He talks openly about how the most challenging projects that he’s faced in his career have been the best, because taking time to reflect has allowed him to learn and grow.

Listen now for Tim’s practical advice on developing a motivated and inspired team with the common goal of delivering value for the organisation and its customers, and how what might first be regarded as failure can make you a better leader.

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